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10 Signs You May Need Grief Counseling After A Cremation

If you’ve just experienced a loved one’s cremation in State College, PA, you know what grief feels like. Everyone will experience grief at some point in their life, but everyone will express it differently. Grief also takes a long time to pass, from months to even years.   

With all the different ways grief presents itself and the range of time it can last, how do you know when your grief is too much? Use this list of 10 signs to know if you might need to seek extra help or counseling for your grief.   

  1. Numbness to Emotion
    Grief comes with a range of emotions, from sad and confused to even happy. Each emotion is acceptable during periods of mourning, but numbness is not. If you are feeling entirely numb and unable to feel any emotions, it may be time to seek help.  
  2. Hallucinations/Voices
    It may be comforting to imagine your lost loved one is with you, but hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t there is always a cause for concern. Be especially wary if what you are seeing or hearing is accusing or angry.  
  3. Avoiding Time with Loved Ones 
    Sometimes its easier to process grief on our own, but its also important to be with loved ones. If you find yourself consistently avoiding other people, you should consider counseling. 
  4. Inability to Move On
    There is nothing to be ashamed of about not being able to move on. Sometimes we all need a bit of help. 
  5. Loss of Enjoyment
    You shouldn’t stop living your life completely during grief. You’re still allowed to pursue your interests and goals. If your grief is preventing you from pursuing activities that you enjoy, or enjoying things you normally would, you may just need help finding your way forward. 
  6. Sudden Changes in Behavior
    If you find that you don’t recognize the choices you’re making or the person you’ve become, this may be cause for concern. Keep and eye out for irrational anger, excessive drinking, and drug use.  
  7. Fear of New Relationships
    Apprehension of new relationships due to the fear of loss is common when grieving. However, in order to move forward and continue to grow, we must forge new relationships. 
  8. Escapism
    Staying busy or trying to escape to avoid feeling sad is not a long-term solution. Eventually, you will need to face your feelings.  If you are don’t feel up to doing so on your own, it may be wise to ask for a helping hand. 
  9. Thoughts of Hurting Yourself
    Feeling you want to hurt yourself should not be ignored, and must be addressed with a professional.  
  10. Inability to Continue Normal Activities
    If you are unable to perform normal activities like going to work or school, or even eating or sleeping, you many need a help with coping. 

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