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Frequently Asked Cremation Questions

Are you trying to decide if cremation in Hazelton, PA right for you and your loved ones? Do you want more information on this popular disposition method? This list of frequently asked cremation questions can help.  

  1. What is Cremation? Cremation is a way of reducing a body to bone fragments and ash to make final disposition or interring easier, or to meet religious or cultural preferences. The body is reduced by being heating in a chamber from 1,500 to 2,000 degrees F until it breaks down. This process takes two to three hours for an average sized adult.  
  2. What Happens After Cremation? After the body is reduced, the remains are swept into a container and cooled. Upon cooling, the remains are inspected by a professional to remove items that weren’t reduced by the heat like medical devices, metal from clothing, etc. The remaining bone fragments are then put through a machine to be compressed to a consistent size of ash, placed in the chosen receptacle and given to the family.  
  3. Are All The Remains Returned to My Family? All of the remains are returned except small particles that may have been drawn into the cremation or processing machines. This small loss is unavoidable and part of the process.  
  4. How Do I Know I’ll Get the Right Remains? All crematories have a long list of checks and double checks in place to make sure each family gets the proper remains returned.  
  5. What Do I Do With the Remains? There are many choices for post-cremation from cemetery burial, inurnment in a columbarium, or scattering on private property.  
  6. What Can I Expect My Loved One’s Cremated Remains to Look Like? Cremated remains look like light grey or white colored ashes. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds of ash depending on how big your loved one was.  
  7. Do I Have to Pay for an Urn? Per Federal law, cremated remains are returned to the bereaved in a basic container that’s included in the cremation charge, but you can buy an urn or more decorative container if you want. 
  8. Can Two Cremations Happen At Once? It is illegal to cremate more than one body at a time, not to mention that most cremation chambers cannot accommodate more than one body at a time anyway.  
  9. Can The Family Watch the Cremation? This depends on the crematorium, but most do allow it if arranged in advance.  
  10. Can We Have A Funeral Before the Cremation? Embalming is required for a funeral or public visitation before cremation. But family members may view the deceased without prior embalming before the cremation process begins.   

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