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Funeral And Cremation Services For Pets

Losing a pet is so sad, and the loss can be devastating. Having funeral or cremation services in Allentown, PA for your lost pet is a wonderful and healthy way to find some peace after the loss. Read on to learn more about your pet cremation and funeral options.

Planning pet funeral and cremation services start with deciding how you want to send your friend to his final resting place. Pet cremation is a great way to memorialize your pet. You can scatter the ashes somewhere special after the cremation, or keep them in a pet cremation urn. Pet burials are another valid option. You can bury your pet in the comfort of your own yard, or in a pet cemetery.

The next step in planning pet funeral and cremation services is to choose where the service will be held. You can hold the service at your home, where you plan to scatter the ashes, in a funeral home, or in a pet cemetery. Be sure to choose a location that allows you to express your grief in a healthy way, and sets you up to properly begin the healing process.

Next, plan the funeral or memorial service. Just like a service for a deceased person, a pet funeral or memorial is an honorable way to memorialize your pet’s life and say goodbye in a constructive way. Invite friends and family members who were a part of your pet’s life, or understand how important he was to you. Gather around the grave or ashes and share pet memories or stories. You may also choose to play music, read poems or share feelings.

Ask attendants to help eulogize, say prayers, or just talk about how your lost pet made them feel. Bring along special stationary, cards or paper on which people can write down their feelings or thoughts. This way you can hold onto these ideas and memories to go through later on when you miss your pet.

Just like traditional funeral services, pet funeral and memorial services benefit from some sort of visual representation of the deceased. You can craft a small tribute or viewing in the memory of your pet by decorating a table with memories of your lost pet like tags, collars, favorite toys or photos. If you chose to cremate the body, you may also choose to display the urn for the viewing.

If you don’t have an urn, you can also print a large photo of your pet. Feel free to continue decorating with candles, flowers or drawings. You can also collect photos and home videos to make a video montage of your pet.

Losing a pet is painful, but investing in Allentown, PA cremation services or a funeral for your lost friend is a good way to begin to heal. To learn more, you can reach out to Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We are located at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641, and you can visit us anytime. You can also give us a call at (844) 427-3672 for more information.

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