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Cremations and Grief

While most people think otherwise, cremations in Bethlehem, PA can be just as meaningful, special, and helpful for grief as traditional funerals and burials. Cremations provide many different opportunities to have a respectful and special service to pay tribute to your lost loved one both before and after the cremation. In fact, studies have show that cremations and memorial services can actually help with grief.   

There are many ways that memorials and cremations can help with grief, including:   

  • Surround Yourself With Friends and Family: It’s common knowledge that an easy way to feel better when you’re sad is to surround yourself with loved ones. This is especially true when you’re suffering a loss. This physical closeness makes you feel mentally and spiritually supported, and help you remain healthy after a death. Hosting a cremation service means friends and family will be there to support and love you. You will get to spend time with them. Laughing, crying or just being together is much better than not having a service and trying to get through your grief all alone.  
  • Closure: The most important part of cremation services is that they help give you closure. When you lose someone you love, especially if it was sudden, it can be hard to grasp that they’re really gone. Holding a service gives you a chance to say goodbye and put a respectful yet clear end to their life.  
  • Remember the Good Times: Although you with definitely feel sad at a memorial service, you will also be given the chance to remember all the wonderful times and memories you shared with the deceased. People often memorialize the deceased at services by sharing fond memories, displaying photos or playing videos. These recollections will put a smile on your face and help you look past the sadness by remembering the good times.  
  • Post Cremation Plans: Memorials give families the chance to sit down and talk about what they want to do with the deceased’s remains. There are tons of options, most of which can help with the grieving process. You can scatter the ashes in a special or meaningful place as part of the ceremony, or inter the ashes in the family plot in the local cemetery. You can also get more creative by making cremation jewelry, displaying the urn, or planting the ashes under a young tree. Some people even put the remains in fireworks to be shot off at the end of the memorial or at a later date.  

We here at Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. understand how important cremations and memorials are to the grieving process. That’s why we strive to offer compassionate and convenient Bethlehem, PA cremations from our business at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641. If you want to learn more about how a cremation can help with grief, or about what we can do for you in your time of loss, please give us a call today at (844) 427-3672.

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