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cremation in State College, PA

Important Cremation Provider Terminology

Loss is always hard, but it can feel a little easier if you do a little planning. One way to better plan for a cremation in State College, PA is to learn important cremation provider terminology like the following:

  • Bereaved: The deceased’s loved ones or immediate family.
  • Burial Certificate: A legal document authorizing burial. The same documents apply to cremations, and it made by your local government.
  • Death Certificate: A document proving the cause of death, generally issued by the deceased’s doctor.
  • Columbarium: A wall with niches or holes in which cremation urns are housed.
  • Committal Service: A service in which the body is buried or interred.
  • Cremains: Another word for cremated remains.
  • Crematory: The furnace in which bodies are cremated. It can also refer to the building that houses the furnace.
  • Death Notice: An article or newspaper section announcing someone’s death and providing funeral or memorial details.
  • Embalm: Preserving a dead body by running preservative fluids through the arteries and veins.
  • Eulogy: A speech praising, remembering and celebrating the deceased’s life.
  • Exhume: Digging up the remains of someone who was already buried.
  • Flower Car: The car or vehicle used to transport the flowers from the church and/or cemetery to the funeral home.
  • Funeral Director: The man or woman who works with the bereaved to plan and execute a funeral service and all accompanying details. Generally, funeral directors maintain or run funeral homes.
  • Funeral Spray: A floral tribute traditionally given to the bereaved at a funeral.
  • Grave Liner: A wooden, metal or concrete casing that holds the casket in the ground. Grave liners help prevent the ground around the grave from sinking for safety and help keep the grass above the grave level as the earth settles for aesthetics.
  • Pallbearers: Family, friends, or religious members that help carry the casket.
  • Memorial Service: A service held to honor the deceased when the body is not present.
  • Mortuary: Another word for a funeral home.
  • Obituary: A death notice in a newspaper or on a website that gives a small biography of the deceased and often includes a photo.
  • Plot: A piece of land, usually owned by an individual or a family, that’s reserved for two or more graves.
  • Reposing Room: A room in a funeral home that stores the body until the burial or funeral.
  • Vault: Almost synonymous with grave liner, but vaults tend to be more expensive. Vaults are usually made of wood, metal or concrete.
  • Viewing: The time at which friends, family or funeral goers can view the casket.

If you have more questions about State College, PA cremations, terms, or planning for a cremation, Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. can help. Please stop by and visit us at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641. You can also give us a call at (844) 427-3672 to learn more about what we can do for you in your time of loss.

cremations in Easton, PA

Veteran Cremation Services

Serving in the armed forces is an incredible personal sacrifice, and our veterans deserve our gratitude in any way we can give it. One way we show our thanks is through veteran’s cremations in Easton, PA. It’s important to know about the post-humus benefits that are available to veterans. Read on to learn more about cremation and funeral services benefits for eligible veterans, so you can ensure your loved one gets the thanks he or she deserves.

Military Funeral Service Protocol and Honors

The United States has laws that provide eligible veterans with military funeral and cremation service honors as no cost if the family requests. Some of these honors include:

  • Flag Folding and Presentation: All eligible veterans will have at least 2 Armed Forces members serving as an honor guard during the funeral or cremation service. At least one of these guards will be from the deceased’s service branch, and this guard will present a traditionally folded American flag to the next of kin or designated person.
  • “Taps”- “Taps” is a bugle song long associated with military and patriotic funerals. Though live bugle performances are rarely seen these days, military funeral honors require that a high-quality recording of the song be played at any eligible funeral or cremation services if no live bugle is available.

Flag Burial

Another veteran’s funeral or cremation service is a flag burial. A flag is provided at no cost to the family to drape the casket or accompany the urn of the deceased. The flag will be folded and presented to eligible family members including the next of kin or requested friends. Family members may donate their flags to national cemeteries with Avenue of Flags so the flag can be flown on patriotic holidays to honor the deceased.

Veteran Headstone

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can also furnish a headstone at no cost. These veteran’s headstones are available for any veteran regardless of date of death. The headstones are available in bronze, marble and granite in various styles to match existing headstones in the place of burial. This same service is available for cremated remains in the form of niche markers for columbariums. While the headstone itself is free of charge, the family is in charge of all installation fees.

Is My Loved One Eligible?

Military funeral and cremation service honors are given to members of the United States Armed Forces that consist of the Marines, Army, National Guard, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. The individual must also meet one or more the following requirements:

  • Died in active duty or Selective Reserve
  • Completed at least one term of enlistment or initial obligated service in the Selective Reserve, and were not dishonorably discharged
  • Served on active duty, or in the Selected Reserve, and were not dishonorably discharged

If you want to learn more about veteran cremation and funeral service honors and eligibility, contact Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. We are located at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641, and offer a range of Easton, PA cremation services. Give us a call today at (844) 427-3672 to learn more.

cremation in Harrisburg, PA

How to Choose The Right Cremation Provider

It can seem like there are millions of providers to choose from when you’re looking to perform a cremation in Harrisburg, PA. With all the available options, how do you go about choosing the cremation provider that’s best for you and your loved ones? Use these tips to help you find the ideal cremation provider that matches your plans, ideas, and price range.

Take the following factors into consideration:

  • Location – Sometimes the right cremation provider isn’t necessarily in your hometown, as cremations can take place in special locations where the deceased wants to be buried or where other family members live.
  • Services – Make sure the cremation provider you choose offers the services you, your family, and the deceased want. Look into services from internment options like burial, or green burial to different technologies like online obituaries, digital guest books or live streaming.
  • Prices – Cremation provider service prices vary greatly, and price should be a factor in your decision.
  • Independent vs. Corporate- These days, corporations own about 20% of cremation providers, and these corporations can sometimes charge 30% to 40% more for the same cremation services or accessories than privately owned providers. However, they can sometimes provide more options than private homes. Take these comparisons into consideration.
  • Veteran Services – If your deceased loved one served, that should be recognized in a special way. Check that the cremation provider you’re looking at offer veteran services if necessary.
  • Cultural and Religious Needs – Make sure the cremation provider you choose is able to provide you with your cultural and religious cremation or service needs.

It will never feel like the right time to start looking for a cremation provider, but you can save time, stress and even money later on if you start looking now before you need to. Preplanning which cremation provider you want will help make sure you aren’t stuck with the easiest or most accessible option when the time comes. You can start preplanning and choosing by looking at:

  • Price Comparisons – Every cremation provider is required by law to have a general list of prices for their offered products and services. As a potential client you have the right to ask for copies of these lists to get a good idea of their prices and how they compare to one another.
  • Services Fees – What is included and what is not included in services fees varies greatly, so double-check each option’s fees.
  • Adding Cremation Costs to Insurance – Be sure the cremation provider you choose can be added to the funeral insurance on your current life insurance policy to help save your family money after you’re gone.

Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc. offers experienced, compassionate and well-priced cremation services. Located at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641, we have a range of Harrisburg, PA cremation options. Give us a call today at (844) 427-3672 to learn more about how to choose the best cremation provider, or to get more information about what we can do for you.

Cremations in Altoona, PA

Cremation Etiquette

Cremations in Altoona, PA are hard enough on their own, but once you add in the stress of knowing how to act they become downright difficult. From how to dress and where to sit to what to say and everything in between, its hard to know exactly what the proper etiquette is, especially when it comes to being respectful of the proceedings and family members.

Use this guide to help you be better prepared for how to act during a cremation or memorial service.

  • Attire – No matter where the service takes place, a cremation is a serious event. Your attire should be serious as well. Unless otherwise noted or dictated by culture, keep your clothing conservative and in darker colors.
  • Seating – The first two rows of seats are oftentimes reserved for the close friends and family, but other than that the seating plans are usually open. Try and remain seated throughout the service, unless dictated by the MC. This same basic rule applies to a graveside or scattering service, as the chairs right by the grave are typically reserved for family.
  • Distractions – Turn off your phone. If you don’t want to turn if off completely, at least put it on silent or Do Not Disturb for the duration of the service. If you must take a call, do step outside as looking down at your phone or checking messages during the service is disrespectful. Along those same lines, people often do not bring children to the cremation for fear they will be a distraction or disruption. Use your best judgment with your child, but toddlers and babies should generally stay at home with a sitter.
  • ReligionMemorial services and cremations can be religious, and this may make some people uncomfortable. If the ceremony has religious aspects that do not match your own or make you uncomfortable, simply remain silent and respectfully engaged. Remember, you are there to honor the deceased not make a religious statement.
  • Communication – There might not be many chances for you to speak with the family of the deceased at the service, but if you do have an opportunity be sure to take it. All you need to do is express sympathy for their loss. If you knew the deceased well and feel it’s appropriate, you may say something more personal about the deceased. However, keep it short and simple as the family most likely has lots of other guests to attend to.

These are common rules that should guide your actions. However, they don’t always apply to every funeral. Use your best judgment, and always try and follow the family’s lead when it comes to etiquette. When in doubt, lean in towards the conservative side.

Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania, Inc, located at 728 Main St Avoca, PA 18641, offers a wide range of Altoona, PA cremation services. Please give us a call at (844) 427-3672 to learn more about proper cremation etiquette, or for more information about what we do.